How To Organize a Golf Tournament

One of the most exciting times for the Pro Golf Fundraising (PGF) home office is when a potential client grasps the possibilities and potential for success by asking PGF to lead them in organizing a golf tournament fundraiser. Prior to this, PGF conducts a thorough check to determine whether or not the client is providing a worthwhile service to its’constituents. Once this has been determined several things occur. A golf tournament fundraiser checklist is made to keep track of the fundraising event. A Team of Leaders are selected by the client to be in charge of the fundraiser. A training session is scheduled for the Team Leaders, with the purpose of communicating how to organize a golf tournament fundraiser. PGF conducts the ‘Strategy Planning Session’, detailing the tasks of the entire Team. The goal at the completion of this session is to make certain that the entire group of Team Leaders know how to plan a golf tournament fundraiser.

The Team Leaders next begin learning the various steps of planning a golf tournament fundraiser. The first step is to understand completely how to run a golf tournament fundraiser. Their primary job at this point is to recruit 30 to 40 participants who will raise pledges on the 100 holes of golf they will play on the Day of The Event. PGF trains each of these participants in the art of raising $2,500 each. Raising $2,500 in pledges normally takes each participant 5 to 10 hours. Prizes for the top fundraisers keep the participants raising pledges right up ‘til the Day of The Event. The Event Day is a wonderful time of playing golf with both old and new friends and celebrating with food and conversation over the amount of money raised at the end of the day.

There are few things better than helping a group of individuals in reaching their goal of raising money to help others in some meaningful way. The management at Pro Golf Fundraising has been helping schools, charities, individuals with medical issues, and many other worthwhile groups to achieve amazing amounts of money for over 17 years. If you need a proven company with a proven track record of helping groups reach and exceed their fundraising needs, you should be calling Pro Golf Fundraising today.