How To Plan a Golf Tournament

There are several key components to being successful in golf tournament management. Understanding the goals for each individual client is of primary importance. Some clients may want to focus on promoting the awareness of their organization along with conducting a fundraiser. Others may be well known either nationally or at a local level and promotion of their name is insignificant. Many clients are simply focused on raising money and have not given much thought to promotion. Sometimes it is important to bring this to their attention, but there are times when it simply does not matter. This is particularly true when it comes to helping an individual family in raising money for a family member’s medical condition. Pro Golf Fundraising’s (PGF) experience in knowing which elements to emphasize during a fundraiser is one of the keys to our golf tournament planning.

An important element of planning all golf fundraising events is looking ahead to future years. PGF understands that if you want the golfers to be excited about playing year after year in your event they need to feel that their time and money is well spent. Important things to consider are the condition of the golf course and the clubhouse facilities. The course should be clean and manicured and the restaurant must have good food and efficiency so that everyone participating feels like this is a special day in a special place. Effective golf tournament management companies will make certain that the above is provided for. Pro Golf Fundraising makes absolutely certain that the proper research is done in this area.

Golf tournament fundraising can be a very frustrating venture for those individuals without some prior knowledge of fundraising in general and golf fundraising in particular. PGF’s management has been involved with both traditional 18-hole golfing events and 100-hole golf fundraisers for the past 20 years. During this time they’ve seen the importance of focusing on their particular method of fundraising. The difference is the bottom line – net funds raised. Compared to traditional 18-hole events averaging $3,000 to $7,000, the PGF 100-hole events average $30,000… amazing difference. When planning a golf tournament fundraiser, PGF’s clients seeing this comparison opt for the more lucrative golf fundraising event PGF offers.

Golf fundraising tournaments can be an exhausting endeavor for an individual or an organization without the most up-to-date ideas or the newest techniques. When using PGF as your consultant, you will find their program is completely state-of-the-art. The entire fundraising program including letters, e-mails, newsletters, and the collections are conducted through an online management website. This website contains all the templates that your organization will customize, giving everyone involved a feeling of confidence and satisfaction. If you want to conduct the very best golf tournament fundraiser in your organization’s history, and raise more money than you ever thought possible, you should be talking with Chuck Jilka at Pro Golf Fundraising.